All Chingolo deli products are especially created for you by our amazing team of chefs. Each batch is carefully and thoughtfully processed and packed for you to take home and enjoy whenever you want.

Each product is made with the same delicious meat we sell in-store. Sourced from grass-fed herds that are raised in green open pastures, every piece is hormone and antibiotic free so that not only is it full of amazing flavor, it’s also a healthier meat selection for you and your family.

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    Frozen Roasted Chili & Cheese Empanadas
    6 pieces |
    Frozen Original Bolzico Beef Empanadas
    6 pieces
    Beef Salpicao
    Corned Beef
    Chingolo Canvas Bag
    13x15 inches
    Prime Ground Beef
    Kaldereta (Ready-To-Eat)
    Bistek (Ready-To-Eat)
    Kare-Kare (Ready-To-Eat)
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