Argentinian Pure Angus Bolzico Beef

We can assure you that we produce and provide you with delicious meat and raised as nature intended on green pasture, eating 100% grass, and with no hormones whats-so-ever.

We source our meat from only the finest farmers in Argentina, age them for 21 days, before having them shipped straight to the Philippines. 

Our Meat

Our Cattle receive kind and respectful treatment. Grazing on acres of land for 36 months. Producing natural beef, as nature intended it, with a distinctive Grass-Fed flavour. 

Why choose Bolzico Beef?

Bolzico Beef is significantly lower in cost compared to grain-fed counterparts. And we never put chemicals on our beef because it is bad for the animals, bad for our health, and bad for the planet.

This means you get a great quality Pure Angus, at a better value and with better flavour. 

Beef as it should be.